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Industry posted on Friday 24 March

2017 Budget, Increased Taxes and the Impact on Landlords

Assessing the current rental market Leo Newman has seen a decline of 8-13% in new rents achievable (since November 2016). It is apparent that there is a glut of property on the market with the result that tenants have gained the upper hand in choosing between average, medium and excellent quality property. It is also apparent that

Social posted on Friday 14 August


Calcutta Street Restaurant

Calcutta Street, 29 Tottenham Street, Fitzrovia
Bringing the taste of Calcutta to the streets of Fitzrovia, London, this venture by Shrimoyee Chakraborty celebrates the Bengali cuisine she grew up with. Taking inspiration from her mother's cooking and the city of Calcutta itself, its history and culture, even the menu transports

Landlord posted on Friday 14 August

Will George Osbourne's tax changes kill Buy to Let?

Thousands of landlords across the UK are still coming to terms with the impact of George Osborne’s 3% rise in stamp duty from April 2016 on rental property income, several months after the news first broke. The announcement made by Osborne in Autumn 2015's statement has caused quite a stir in the UK property market. The announcement

Leo Newman posted on Friday 14 August

Imagine a letting agency you could trust to always put your interests first. A team of knowledgeable, passionate letting agents who cared about your property as if it was their own. Picture one of those individuals working tirelessly on your behalf. The sign above the door will say Leo Newman. We know what you care about most is getting the highest rental price and best tenant for your

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