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About us

Going all out for everyone

Leo Newman isn’t your average property management company. Our team comes with a level of expertise unparalleled by competitors.

We leverage our personal property experience and in-depth knowledge of the industry to help others get the best out of the property market.

It’s our mission to share our knowledge with landlords and owners to help them create success.

“Nicky was super helpful in getting our tenancy agreement sorted. He was amazing with communication and the service was efficient. Couldn’t be happier with the way things were handled"- KC


The Leo Newman story

As a family business that’s spanned several decades, property is in our bones.

It's been more than half a century since Leo Newman Esquire made his first foray into the London property market. Arriving in the late 1940’s and acquiring his first property, he set the wheels in motion for a successful, multi-generational property business.

Today, his legacy lives on. The Leo Newman company continues to flourish in the heart of the West End, serving clients across London. 

Leo’s great-grandson, Nicky Rosenthal, proudly leads the business today. He ventured into the property world in 2004, running a property management company which looked after the family’s privately funded portfolio. It was this experience that led Nicky to want to offer the same services commercially.

The office on London’s Charlotte Street opened in 2014 and the service side of the business began. 

Today, Nicky stands at the helm proud to be supported by dedicated, honest and knowledgeable staff.


We know because we've been there

The proof is in the property pudding. We’ve managed some of the same properties for 50 years. And we manage them as if they were our own (because some of them are). 

Owners, therefore, can feel reassured knowing they’re speaking to experts who’ve been in their shoes.

As Managing Director, Nicky says

“I look at everything from the perspective as if I were the property owner. I think, ‘how would I get the best deal?’ And then that helps me know how to best help our clients.” - Nicky Rosenthal – Managing Director, Leo Newman

Nicky was introduced to the world of property by his family, who owned their own portfolio. He had many role models who showed him the value of hard work and the importance of delivering excellent customer service.

Before he founded Leo Newman, Nicky completed his Talmud biblical studies in Jerusalem. His internship with the family property business began on his return at the age of 25. 

He worked with his late grandfather on the family property portfolio and then worked at Mandells property management business for a couple of years to learn about block management. This mix of experience showed him both sides of the story – he experienced the benefits of receiving good service from providers when owning property and also observed challenges faced by property companies in providing these services.

Importantly, Nicky learned how best to close the gap with an understanding of the language of both sides, and appreciating the importance of ongoing communication, to ensure there is no misunderstanding and always a swift solution to potential problems.

With his knowledge and skills, he came back to the family business and continued to work on there for nearly a decade. 

However, he felt drawn to using his experience in a wider, public rental space. Realising that estate agents have the same negative reputation as car salesmen, he wanted to rectify this by showing a different way of working in the property market. It is for this reason that Leo Newman has one simple agenda: to support and enhance the experience clients have within the property industry.

The Leo Newman brand was born when Nicky advertised a rental property on Gumtree. He experienced difficulties in engaging potential tenants when they discovered he had a property portfolio – they viewed him as an estate agent and didn’t wish to deal with him. 

Nicky realised this needed to change and wanted to improve trust and reputation for the industry. He set out to show that things could be done properly and Leo Newman’s track record of nothing but positive reviews since its launch is testament to his beliefs and commitment. 

At heart, Nicky is a family man with a life in property. He strives to build trust using his 20 years in property consultancy, investment advice and property management.

He brings a level of transparency and would always rather provide honest feedback than hide information. It is this, alongside the delivery of a personalised service, and a genuine interest in people, that he feels breaks the mould of the traditional estate agent.

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