New York Style Interiors In Your Home

New York Style Interiors In Your Home
Posted Thursday 30 July | 30/07/15

“I want to be a part of it, New York, New York,” so sang Frank Sinatra nearly 40 years ago and our love affair with the city that never sleeps continues to this day. When we think of New York, our mind brings up images of glamour, excitement and adventure. Carriage rides through Central Park in the snow, eating pizza in Little Italy, dancing until 3am in a little club off Broadway, and Audrey Hepburn at Tiffany’s – all so iconic. For as long as we can remember, New York has been synonymous with style. So, why not take inspiration from this legendary city, and bring a classic Big Apple look to your home?


The kitchen is the perfect place to start. New York is famed for its 1950s style diners, and this is a practical andstylish lookfor any kitchen/dining area. Think red vinyl bar stools, slick tiled floors, and quirky electronics. Red and green were popular colours to contrast with black and white floors, but blues or yellows would work just as well for a twist on a classic look. A 1950s inspired kitchen should look bright and inviting, with a few playful or kitsch pieces. The 1950s saw huge development in domestic appliances, and you can find bright coloured coffee machines, sodastreams, and even jukeboxes to give your kitchen that authentic feel. Don’t forget your retro accessories like cone chip baskets and napkin dispensers - these little touches can hugely contribute to the overall effect. If you have wall space, why not add some vintage movie posters, shop signs, or prints of old adverts for classic brands? These can be a great talking point, as well as creating an instant retro atmosphere.


While your kitchen can prioritise function over comfort, your living room is a place where luxury can really factor into the design and this is a big selling point for property buyers, according to specialists Leo Newman. Why not take inspiration from some of New York’s most famous hotels, and make it an Art Deco paradise. Originating in France after World War I, Art Deco was an influential design style that became hugely popular in America in the 1920s and 1930s, especially in Manhattan. Some of Manhattan’s most famous architectural structure were designed in the Art Deco style, such as the Chrysler Building, the Rockefeller Centre, and perhaps most famously, the Empire State Building. Art Deco interiors are synonymous with many films from the golden era of cinema, and made popular again more recently in films like The Great Gatsby. The style is characterised by bold geometric shapes and lavish ornamentation. You can create this look in your own living room, with furniture in monochrome colours. Think white quilted sofas with gilded edges - elegant yet luxurious. Glass features prominently in Art Deco design, so glass tables, mirrors, and glass door panelling are perfect for this look. For wall decoration, you can find gorgeous prints of artwork from this time, or add black and white photos in sleek black frames. If you’re a film fan, you could frame some pictures of Hollywood stars of the time.

A fewappropriate accessories can add a vintage flair to any living room, and surfaces can be decorated with beautiful ornaments. Lighting is absolutely key to creating an Art Deco room. It’s warm and atmospheric and is perfect for a modern take on a classic look in any environment, from the living room to amazingly airy spaces.

Be creative with this classic style, and your living room can be a place of beauty and elegance, as well as relaxation and comfort.


The 1960s New York office is an iconic place. Think Don Draper sipping expensive whiskey in a rich leather armchair. The American ideal at the time was to be cultured, intelligent and have good taste, and the office space reflected that. Furniture was elegant yet functional, with no unnecessary frills. One of the best ways to achieve this look is by investing in a high-quality teak or mahogany desk. It will last you a lifetime, and give a strong and stylish impression. You can match the desk with a wooden coffee table - a must have for any office. 1960s office walls were traditionally panelled with wood such as walnut, adding warmth and security to the environment. The sofas were clean-lined in the Danish mid-century style. You can find wonderful pieces in this style at BoConcept. Colours were muted, autumnal tones - browns, burnt oranges, and dark greens. Everything about the 1960s New York office says business with panache, a concept that’s still very desirable in today’s world.